Step-By-Step Process To Regularly Carry Out AC-Unit Maintenance Task

Regular maintenance and cleaning will guarantee you don’t need to replace your AC Unit for years. It helps save big money and valuable time in the future. The DIY AC-Unit Maintenance Task for proper maintenance is never difficult. You can follow simple steps for regularly cleaning the entire unit, on your own.

When performing these tasks, you should still take all possible precautions. Always turn off the main power before you get started.

  • The DIY AC-Unit Maintenance Task needs to include cleaning ventilation and suction units.
  • In each case, air filters have to be cleaned perfectly.
  • In case of damaged fins, you should immediately seek experts advice for replacement
  • Compressors and coils should never be touched, during a DIY AC-Unit Maintenance Task.

You can make things easier by hiring an expert AC maintenance Houston services. They can make things a lot easier and safe for you. Experts are also the best option for maintaining commercial-grade units.

Removing debris

Before you get started, always ensure that the power is switched off. Working on a unit that is connected to power input is always risky. The debris gets accumulated on the interior and exterior of the ventilation cage.

You can make use of a hard bristle brush to remove this debris. You can also make use of a light pressure vacuum cleaner to perform this task like an expert. Always ensure you be patient when performing this task, so the cage filter does not get damaged.

Clean fins

Fins may also accumulate a lot of debris it ha to be cleaned so the fresh sir easily circulates indoors fins are delicate and so excess pressure can easily damage them. Try and clean using a garden hose pipe. Avoid using pressure wash techniques when performing this AC-Unit Maintenance Task.

In case you find the fin is damaged, you should try and straighten it using mild pressure. You can also make use of a commercial-grade spray to perform this task. If unaware, then you can hire the AC maintenance Houston expert team.

Clean other areas around the unit

There are other areas around the unit case that needs to be well maintained. If the unit case is mounted outdoors, then you need to check for debris accumulation. AC units will easily attract mold and dampness that should be cleaned.

If the outer body is made up of plastic material, then you should take all precautions so it does not get damaged. You can always turn towards expert air conditioning maintenance Houston team to perform this task more efficiently.

Level the entire unit    

Over some time, AC Units outdoors can easily lose their balance. You should check for balance manually. If the unit is out of level then it has to be balanced. You can try and place some dry soil or wooden plank underneath the main unit body.

If the unit is not balanced, then the compressor may never function normally. Check with the foundation that is underneath the entire unit body.

Service evaporator coil

Not many people are aware of the evaporator coil. This is a small blower unit that is present inside the main body of the unit. You have to ensure that the duct is perfectly sealed. If not, you can seal it using duct tape.

For cleaning it, you can try and make use of the commercial-grade spray. Many units will have exposed duct that is easy to clean. You should perform this task only if you have some level of experience. Bleach solutions are the best cleansers for outdoor AC units.

Clean evaporator drain

Evaporator drain, runs from inside to the outside part of the unit. It will carry moisture and water outdoors. Cleaning evaporator drain is important as over some time it can easily get clogged. If the drain is clogged then the unit will never circulate fresh air indoors.

The moment the unit starts circulating stale air, you need to clean this outlet pipe. Check for mold build up in the interiors and exteriors of the unit case. Before you clean the evaporator it is better to remove the coil from the unit.

The task needs a little bit of technical knowledge and has to be performed only by an expert technician. Avoid DIY task if unsure.

Check with blower filter

Over some time, the blower filter can easily get damaged or ruptured. Every time you perform the maintenance task, the blower filter has to be replaced. If you hire an expert Air Conditioning system Maintenance team, they will replace the filter very often.

Good condition filter will blow fresh air indoors every time the unit is running. Clogged filters will directly affect the airflow indoors.

You have to remember that AC unit maintenance is a task that should only be performed by an expert team. In most cases, DIY exercise may not rove of much help. You have to be a technically skilled professional to carry out the task on your own.

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