Reasons For Hiring A Professional To Service AC Freezing

Freezing of the air conditioner is often seen and there are many reasons for the same. When the AC freezes up, it builds up a layer of frost on it and disrupts the function. When the AC freezes during summer, there is something wrong with the unit and it needs professional repair. It is important to hiring a professional air conditioning repair Houston TX service to take care of the maintenance at regular intervals.

The professionals make a complete analysis of the system and ensure it performs well without freezing the unit. Seasonal maintenance and service are integral to the overall performance. 

Freezing up of the Air Conditioner

There are many reasons the air conditioner freezes up. The malfunctioning of the evaporator coil is one of the topmost reasons for the freezing of the AC. When there is frost formation, it indicates the internal system is frozen up. This requires immediate switching off the AC and the need for air conditioning repair Houston. 

  • Low amount of refrigerant – This is one of the most causes of freezing of the AC. When there is a low amount of refrigerant, it tends to reduce the temperature of the coil extensively. As this happens, the moisture trapped within the coil accumulates and freezes.
  • Blockage of air cooling coils – When the cooling coils are blocked, it tends to cause the freezing, and hence periodic cleaning of the coil is needed. The accumulation of dirt and dust block airflow and moisture accumulate which freezes. 
  • Interrupted airflow – This is again one of the most common reasons for the accumulation of ice and freezing within the air conditioner. The poor airflow due to bad air filters leads to the blockage and cause the freezing of the unit.
  • Fault Thermostats – When the thermostats are faulty, it tends to set the temperature very low and lead to a continuous drop of the condenser temperature. This eventually goes below the freezing temperature. This can lead to the freezing of the unit.  

In order to know what exactly the problem is and to accurately resolve it, it is important to hiring a professional i.e. HVAC repair contractors in Houston. The professionals have technical expertise and knowledge to check the unit, find the exact cause of the freezing problem, and find an appropriate solution to the same. 

Handling a Frozen AC unit Situation

The air conditioner can be frozen due to many reasons. Either the air cooling coils are blocked which requires cleaning or there is moisture accumulation. The AC might need a thorough servicing or just a refill of the refrigerant. It is something that needs to be analyzed by experts. 

The air conditioner unit can be frozen even when the outside temperature is very low. However, the first thing to do when the AC unit is frozen is to turn it off immediately and give it time to defrost. After that make sure to clean the dirty filters and trace of dust or dirt particles. 

However, it is always best to get it checked by professionals. It is very easy and convenient to get the problem resolved through servicing, repair, or replacement with help of air conditioning repair Houston TX service. The exact knowledge helps in pinpointing the issue and resolve the same. 

It is important to perform regular maintenance of the air conditioner to prevent such problems. When the filters are checked at regular interval and coils are cleaned, the chances of accumulation of moisture is very less. Even the level of refrigerant must be checked. 

Hiring a Professional Expert for the Servicing

It is always recommended to hiring a professional and get an expert air conditioning service Houston to diagnose the issue. This is essential as it helps in resolving the problem and ensuring that it is resolved on time. The services are affordable and come with a warranty. 

The lack of maintenance and servicing is one of the biggest reasons observed during the air conditioner unit freezing. The blockage of the coils and airflow tends to gradually reduce the performance and at times even damage it. A Professional AC expert helps in better resolution. 

The AC Repair contractors in Houston inspect the whole unit to check the underlying cause. The professionals are experts at their service as they have the right tools and equipment to ensure a complete cleaning up of the AC and replace faulty parts. 

The whole process of servicing, cleaning up, and repair is made efficient and convenient with help of professionals. It is recommended not to clean up and service the AC by self until an expert or a technician. The expert contractors understand even the minute problems.

Freezing is a common problem that indicates certain problems in the functioning of the air conditioner. It reduces the efficiency and cooling capacity of the AC significantly. The frost formation and water dripping from the unit are an indication that the inside is frozen and needs to be serviced soon.

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