Reasons Why Won’t AC Fan Turn Off

Why won’t AC fan turn off this is the most common issue that everyone faces. You might find the issues when your AC fan continues blowing or stuck. First thing you need to realize that thermostat temperature is set on auto and fan is set to auto mode. AC should be clean, condenser works properly and check the power supply and make sure that condenser coil is clean or you can call a well trained professional expert for the service. Here is some issue which you can check yourself.

Examine the thermostat:

Thermostat is an integral part of your AC. First, you must have checked the thermostat temperature whether it is too low or high. Set the thermostat on ideal temperature otherwise you may face the problem. Make sure the thermostat works properly because the thermostat is the one which provides voltage to condenser and power to the AC system. If thermostat works properly then there would be another issue that needs to be resolved.

The Condenser should be Accurate:

You have to sure about condenser it should be neat & clean otherwise you may face the trouble. Another thing you have to make sure about wires and condenser coil. If coils are not accurate then AC couldn’t be cooling effectively and the temperature went inaccurate. May This one is another issue. So you have to check the wire and coils properly. Do condenser neat & clean. You can easily check the wire and coils yourself and make sure after that you should clean the condenser wires and if coils are dirty do clean them properly.

Make Sure AC maintenance should be Done:

Must daily check the performance of your AC it should be maintained & check regularly. You must take care of AC while maintenance does first check the thermostat temperature should be set on ideal or not. Second, the thing is condenser coil & wire including filter should be clean. You can do the cleaning by yourself or you can hire experts for Air Conditioning System Maintenance. Make sure the wiring system of the house is working properly. When Service is done by your own you can save a lot of money and it’s cleaning service procedure is too easy you can do it yourself.

Check Fan Works Normally:-  

Another important reason Why won’t AC fan turn off is that you must have to take care of that fan must set on auto instead of manual. Because the fan pulls the room humidity out and set the room temperature ideal and send you neat & clean air. While AC is set on the auto thermostat will handle the fan cooling & heating and fan increase the cooling. So make sure and check fan work properly or must remember switch is must set on auto.

You Might Consult a Professional:

Sometimes you can solve the minor issue on your own. But, If you notice some serious issue and can’t be solved by yourself. You should consult a good expert service team and they will fix your problem as soon as possible. You should contact the HVAC Repair Contractors in Houston. For fast, reliable service and we are here for you and trying to fix your problem. Service would be done properly in suitable charges. Call for service as soon as possible. Contact us anytime 713 (338)-9589 (24×7). We offer 10% off on your first service.

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