7 Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System For Spring

With the winter melting away and spring around the corner, it is time to be ready for warmer temperatures. With the traditional spring cleaning, one equipment that requires mandatory cleaning is the HVAC system. The air outside is getting warmer, the temperature is on the rise inside and HVAC maintenance becomes essential.

With the maintenance and servicing of the HVAC, enjoy cooler temperature, and stay comfortably inside. It is important to ready the HVAC for spring to reduce the electricity consumption, prevention of overheating, and get efficient cooling. Here are 7 quick servicing tips to prepare your HVAC System for Spring.

  • Maintenance and Servicing of System

It is the best time to schedule a technician for the maintenance and servicing of the HVAC system. This type of preventive maintenance helps in the inspection of the system and service it for efficient cooling. Look for an experienced heating and cooling repair near you to schedule an appointment with a technician.

  • Remove external dirt and debris

With the system not being used for a long time, the exterior system tends to get clogged with dust and debris. It is important to check the unit for clogging like sticks, twigs, leaves, clippings, etc. With the cleaning of dirt and debris, it ensures there is proper flow of air through it.

  • Inspect and replace the air filters

The air filters require proper inspection and replacement as the old filters can damage the system. With the help of HVAC installation in Houston, the old air filters can be easily replaced with new ones. This helps in the efficient performance of the system and helps the unit to perform better and saves the utility bill.

  • Look for condensate drainpipe clogging

When the condensate drain pipe is clogged, it tends to overflow the drain pan. This happens as the drainpipe has a tendency to be clogged with dust, and debris. To prevent the drainpipe from clogging with mold and algae, it can be cleaned with 50% of bleach solution ensuring better efficiency.

  • Check for all vents and ducts

If the AC has duct, make sure it is checked for any possible leakage and damage. The duct needs to be repaired if there is any sort of damage to it. The airways must be checked and kept free from any dust and accumulation of particles within it. This helps in clean air circulation.

  • Inspect air leaks and refrigerant level

Ductless heating and cooling system must be thoroughly checked. This helps in ensuring that there are no air leaks. If there is an air leak, it tends to increase the consumption of electricity. The level of refrigerant must be optimum as excess or less amount tends to make the system less efficient.

  • Purchase a temperature control thermostat

heating and cooling installation of a temperature thermostat help in remotely controlling the temperature. The thermostat if enabled with Wi-Fi can be connected to a computer or mobile and hence the temperature can easily be programmed remotely. This helps in keeping electricity bills efficient and enables better performance of the HVAC system.

It is important to get a yearly servicing and maintenance for the HVAC for proper functioning. With the servicing, the HVAC is cleaned properly so that there is no internal and external clogging of the dust, debris, and unwanted particles. This helps in better performance efficiency and lower electricity consumption.

There are many HVAC repairs services in Houston that not only clean the system but help with the complete inspection and check-up of the equipment. The system is checked for traces of clogging, cracks, and damage. These 7 tips to prepare your HVAC System for Spring are great.

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