Basic Tips To Follow When Replacing Air Filter At Your Home

Replacing an old air filter is important for the safety of your family. Changing filter at the right time will ensure that you only get quality air to breathe. If the filters are used for a longer time, they accumulate dust and allergens.

Breathing stale air can be dangerous for your health. You may suffer from serious lungs and skin-related conditions.

  • To breathe clean air, filters need to be replaced at just eh right time
  • You can follow home filter replacement tips given out by the experts
  • Filters have to be replaced in your heating and cooling units

In both cases, and for your window installed unit, the general procedure for replacement is the same. If the filter is new, then the same task can be carried out for proper maintenance as well.

Be sure you perform the task under the supervision of an HVAC expert in this field. Basic tips mentioned here followed by experts, when performing this task.

Why replace filters very often?

Air filters are not expensive as compared to the price of the new HVAC system or heating unit. For the optimal long life span of the unit, you need to replace filters at least twice every year. This task will also help you carry out a general inspection of the unit.

Follow basic maintenance tips – where replacement is not needed

When carrying out the replacement or maintenance task, it is important to locate the right position of the air filter. In general, it is located in two or more locations for central installed units. You also need to identify the size of the air filter at each location as it may vary depending on the unit type.

Air filters, in most cases, are reusable types, so a simple washing task will clean the dust and allergens. You should replace where it has been damaged completely. You can look around for the best home filter replacement tips online as well.

Study the exact filter placing position

Before you remove the air filter, you have to notice and mark the position in which the filter is placed inside the cabinet or duct. Most filters that you purchase from the market will be marked with an arrow. Study the arrow position marked on the duct as well.

It is important that the two-match so the filter is placed upright and incorrect position. This will also improve the air quality indoors.

Return duct air filter replacing technique

This is the technique that you can follow for all types of centrally installed units. Such units are usually provided by a protective latch system. To locate the latch you may have to locate the grille part. You can hire a duct replacement Houston TX expert team if you are unaware of the DIY task.

This is generally advisable for individuals who lack the confidence to carry out the task on their own. The filter will be well protected by a microfiber cloth. To clean the air filter it is important to clean the microfiber cloth.

You can make use of a soft bristle brush and vacuum cleaner to suck away all accumulated dust and debris particles. The old filter can be placed perfectly in position inside the microfiber cloth and the duct. When replacing the old filter, you should also clean the slatted cover or duct cover with a wet cloth.

If the cover has a lot of dry dust particles accumulated then you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner. You need to check that the new filter has been placed in the right position inside the duct. You can also seek advice from air duct replacement Houston services.

Clean the handler cabinet

Cleaning the handler cabinet is important, even if you replace the old air filter. If the handler cabinet is not cleaned, then the new filter might not be much effective. If the task is to be performed for your HVAC unit or heating system, then always ensure that the power is switched off.

This is important for your safety. Most units are usually provided with the easy-to-follow guide inside the unit cabinet. If not then you can also refer to the user manual to perform this task more efficiently. Replacing an old air filter with a new one is effective if the handler cabinet is also cleaned.

Check if the handler unit filter is disposable type. Then you may have to replace this filter as well. Before replacing check with the right size filter. An air filter that is too small or big may not fit best inside the cabinet.

Just keep in mind that the handler filter and duct should only be cleaned using a soft bristle brush.

Window or Wall installed units

These are an easy type of units. The filter is generally located on the front side of the cabinet that opens inside the room. Just open the front cabinet and remove the air filter. Replace the old filter with a new one following simple steps.

You should always turn off the power supply to the unit. You can replace the filter and clean the air duct with soap water. While fitting, you should follow proper instructions.


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