DIY Maintenance To Help Improve Overall Life Of Your Furnace

Furnace systems need special care and maintenance. Certain things can be taken care of as DIY tasks to improve the overall life span of your furnace. You may also need to seek assistance from a professional for complete maintenance. Regular service will help extend the life span of your furnace.

  • The DIY task should only be performed if you are a DIY expert.
  • Follow standard maintenance and service procedure.
  • You can search for complete guidelines online as well as video tutorials.

If you expect to improve the overall life span of your furnace system then you can contact heating furnace service experts online. A professional team will always be the best option. If not, you can follow standard maintenance tips provided by experts. 

Always check with filters

The furnace is installed with quality grade filters. To ensure the furnace works best, filters have to be regularly cleaned. Damaged ones have to be replaced. You can perform DIY cleaning tasks once a month on your own to improve the overall life span of your furnace.

If unaware, then the heating furnace service team can also be hired. The task has to be done perfectly and filters installed back in position, before using the furnace.

The service period may vary depending on the usability factor. If you use the furnace for the entire day, then filters may need cleaning every week.

Burner flames

The furnace is equipped with quality burners that keep the flame right. These are considered as the main source of heat. If the burners are not functional, then you may have to check for damage in nozzle or dirt accumulation.

As the furnace nozzles have to be checked, so it is obvious that you can hire furnace installation Houston experts. The door of the combustion chamber has to be checked regularly. Experts will always check with the flame color before starting with the maintenance task. 

Vacuum burners

The moment you are carrying out with the DIY task. You may certainly have to vacuum the burners in advance. This is important if you need to clean the grease and dirt from the burner. Following the right procedure to carry out this task is important.

If you have never performed this task on your own earlier then it is better to seek the help of furnace repair Houston.

Check with Blower

The blower should be in perfect working condition. If there is a slight blockage then the blower may not function normally. The moment you are performing a DIY task, you may have to dismantle and assemble blower perfectly.

The process is critical and so if you are not confident, then you can search for furnace repair near me options. The moment you perform the cleaning task, it is important to follow step by step procedure. If not, then the task may not accomplish as desired.

The blades have to be clean of grease and dirt. You also have to check with the writing of the fan and motor.

Drive belt

Another most important point to consider is the condition of the drive belt. This is one of the accessories that will wear and tear very often. The blower drive belt is made up of soft rubber material and has to be checked very often.

The moment you hire furnace repair Houston TX experts, you may not have to worry about this factor. The expert team is always having the standard procedure that they follow. If the drive belt is in working condition, then the furnace will have a long life span.

Check flame sensors

Flame sensors should always be in top working condition. If the sensors fail then it can lead to a serious accident. The device is electrical and so only professionals should handle it. You can just check if the sensor is functional or not.

Surface Igniter and Pilot dusting

Each furnace is installed with a pilot light device. This will ensure that the flame is kept ignited even when the furnace is not functional. The moment you perform a DIY task, it is important to check with the pilot light. If this is not in top working condition, then it can lead to a serious accident at your home.

You should only depend on furnace maintenance Houston experts to check with faults in the pilot light. The process to locate it and check is not easy and needs a lot of expertise.

It is also better to clean the surface. This will ensure that the dust and debris do not get accumulated on the burners. If this happens then the furnace may never function for a longer time.


The furnace also has a lot of bearing and movable parts like the chamber door. The movable parts need to be cleaned and greased very often. If not, then the door may not open or close perfectly. If left open, it can lead to a serious accident.

The furnace produces a lot of heat. They help maintain indoor temperature at a consistent degree. It is important to check with the condition on a regular basis.

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