Effect of Humidity on Efficiency of Air Conditioner

Humidity is extremely annoying. It not only takes a toll on us but even damages our equipment and machines. It is often found humidity tends to destroy and interfere with the proper functioning of the air conditioners. The efficiency of an air conditioner is impacted by the humidity as well outside temperature.

The air conditioner helps in reducing the temperature and relative humidity inside the house. When the level of humidity is high, the AC unit must work harder to reduce it inside the home, and this tends to impact its longevity. The AC service Houston TX helps in checking the condition of dehumidifier and humidifier.

Impact of Humidity on the Air Conditioner

The air conditioners are essential during summers to keep the indoors cool. It helps in removing the heat as well as moisture from air and hence reduces the indoor temperature. As the level of humidity increased indoors, it makes it difficult for the HVAC system to work and cool efficiently.

  • The first thing that is to be done before starting the use of air conditioners after spring is a professional servicing. The air conditioning service Houston helps in cleaning the AC, inspect it and makes repairs if required.
  • Always make sure that you use an AC which has a capacity as per the requirement of the room. If the capacity is higher than required, they do not run much and hence they are not able to remove the moisture adequately.
  • Always make sure that AC is working efficiently. This is because when the AC is not working efficiently, high humidity forces it to work harder. This increases electricity bill and damage the system.
  • Before making the purchase, always calibrate it according to the requirement of the home or the size of the room. Make sure it is not too large or small for the space.

When the inside of the home feels very hot and there is excessive sweating, this is a clear sign of high humidity inside the home. There are some clear signs like a musty odor or dampness, moist air or foggy windows.  The high humidity cancels the cooling affect.

With help of air conditioning repair Houston TX, it is important to make the necessary changes and repair in the AC if it is not able to take the load of high humidity. There are some clear signs which shows that the AC requires repair.

Importance of AC Repair to Improve Efficiency

There are some clear signs which requires that the AC needs repair. When the AC is unable to remove the humidity efficiency, its functioning also reduces. The humidity is hampering the air conditioning system when the windows become foggy with condensation. The use of the AC creates a musty odor.

When these are the signs you notice while using the HVAC system, it is necessary to call for air conditioning maintenance Houston immediately. The repair and servicing becomes very expensive once humidity destroys the AC. Hence as soon as you notice these first signs of damage, call the servicing for HVAC.

When the AC is not repaired or serviced, its performance decreases. When it runs in high humidity condition, the moisture enters its ducts and reduces its efficiency. This not only decreases the performance of the AC but increases electricity bill.

Installation of a dehumidifier and humidifier with Air Conditioner

The best way to reduce the humidity level and make sure that the air conditioner is not robbed of its efficiency. One of the most effective ways to do so in by installing a dehumidifier with the air conditioner which helps in pulling the moisture from the air.

The reason why it is a great idea is because it does not allow the moisture to get into the ducts of the air conditioner. The installation of dehumidifier by professional Ac maintenance Houston prevents the moisture from air to enter the AC ducts and helps to pull it away from air.

The dehumidifier when paired with air conditioning works great for summers and this also helps in making the AC system work more efficiently. This helps the AC to cool the area efficiently without straining its productivity. The use of the dehumidifier makes sure the AC does not work extremely hard.

It is not only high humidity that adversely impacts the performance and work performed by the air conditioner. When the humidity inside the house is very low, this also interferes with the functioning and performance of the air conditioner. It is important to maintain an optimal humidity inside the house.

The AC service Houston TX helps with maintenance of the air conditioning by inspecting the AC and identifying the level of humidity. When the humidity inside the house is very low especially during winters, a humidifier is a great investment. This can be added to the air conditioning system to increase moisture.

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